Sunday, February 25, 2007

Good News From Minnesota

Via Malkin, Jawa, and Pipes...

The Minneapolis-St. Paul Metropolitan Commission refuses to put on the Zunnar for Somali cab drivers. For several months the drivers, via the Muslim Brotherhood, have been demanding the right to refuse to transport anyone to Minneapolis Airport who might be carrying booze or a seeing-eye dog. According to Jawa, the commission will not be allowing the Muslims to enforce Sharia Law in their cabs for the time being.

For the full story see Pipe's ongoing posting here.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

St. Louis Jihad Update

Mousa M. Abuelawi, the Muslim who was preparing for war in St. Charles, Missouri, was indicted today. I'm still waiting for the FBI to tell us if this war he was planning was jihad or just some gang war. If it wasn't a jihad, I'd sure like to know just how Mousa planned to put all those land mines and hand grenades to use. I'm also waiting to see if this story ever gets the national media attention it deserves.

Honor Killings in the New Year

Below are listed just a handful of stories about honor killings that have taken place so far this year. Some of them offer glimmers of hope for Muslim women, but sadly most do not.

Pakistani Minister Zilla Huma Usman was shot through the head for being a female leader in a Muslim nation, because she campaigned for the emancipation of women, and because she did not cover herself to the extent that Muslim law requires.

Hamda Abu-Ghanem’s bullet filled body was discovered in her parents home in Israel. She was likely killed by her brother and cousin for bringing dishonor on the Muslim family by seeking help from battered women’s shelter. She was the eighth woman to dishonor the Abu-Ghanem family and meet such a fate in the past six and a half years.

A 19 year-old Jordanian boy was given a reduced sentence of just three months for slaughtering his 22 year-old sister after his family requested the charges be dropped. The woman was brutally murdered after her brother learned she may have taken a lover out of wedlock. The boy’s original sentence for the honor killing had been only 6 months.

Dhimmi Ray Hanania of the Chicago Sun News Herald taught us that honor killings are as much a Christian and Jewish phenomenon as they are a Muslim Phenomenon.

Sixteen year-old Zahra Ezzo was killed by her brother in Damascus because she had allowed herself to be raped.

A 17 year-old Turkish girl talked her brother out of fulfilling the hit her family’s elders had put on her.

Nazanin Fatehi was released from an Iranian Prison where she had spent two years for the unforgivable crime of fighting off rapists. Had she not fought them off she would have been killed for allowing them to rape her.

Two brothers bricked their sister and her lover to death in Multan, Pakistan.

The Turkish Daily News reported that 1,806 women where killed as a matter of honor over the past 5 years in Turkey.

A Jordanian father shot his 17 year-old daughter because she may have had sex.,2933,246712,00.html,1,1200281.story?coll=chi-newsnationworld-hed&ctrack=1&cset=true

The fifth anniversary of Fadime Sahindal’s death passed in Sweden. Fadime, a Kurdish immigrant, had been an outspoken advocate of Muslim women’s rights until her father shot her.

An 18 year-old girl was shot in Ramala.

Turkey did the right thing and sentenced an entire family to life in prison for massacring their 15 year-old daughter who dis-honored them by getting herself raped and even worse, getting pregnant.

Bloomberg reported that hundreds of honor crimes go unpunished in the UK each year because Police there treat Muslims with “kid gloves.”

Safiye Haji Osman escaped certain death from family members for being selfish enough to get raped. She fled Somalia for a women’s shelter in Turkey.

Meanwhile, 1,500 Somali Muslims in Minneapolis pledged their support for the regime that wanted Osman dead.

Turkey’s Interior Minister stressed the need for more women’s shelters to reduce the number of honor killings in the country.

The Canadian Supreme Court tore of the Zunnar and ruled that honor killings are no excuse for murder in the maple leaf country.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Coming to a College Campus Near You: Jihad?

The University of Wisconsin makes headlines every time 911 Conspiracy Nut Kevin Barrett opens his mouth but there is a lot more going on there that flies under the radar.

Take tonight for example. The University of Wisconsin Middle East Studies Program is hosting Ali Abunimah at the State Historical Society. Abunimah is an anti-Israeli activist, Vice president of the Arab American Action Network, and the founder of the radical "Electronic Intifada." Abunimah is not some scary terrorist but he certainly exposes a radical view that is already all to prevalent on the UW campus.

Much more disturbing however is this advertisement on the UW's Muslim Student Association's web site. The advertisement reads:

The 1st Annual Tazkiyah Retreat: Living Life As A Traveler
When: February 23rd - 25th
Where: Camp Minikani, Amy Belle Lake Hubertus, WI
Cost: $55 (Includes food and lodging)
What: Confirmed Speakers Include:
Shaikh Muhammad Faqih (Al Maghrib Institute and IIOC - Orange County, California)
Amir Abdel Malik (Masjid Al-Islam - Oakland, California)
Br. Arif Hussain (Young Muslims - Chicago, Illinois)

Do you feel as if you need to get away from the distractions of your daily life?...
To purify yourself?...
Renew your Iman?...
Get closer to Allah (SWT)?...

BUT... you also want to have a little fun?...
Build new relationships?...
Increase your knowledge?...
And... remind yourself of your sole purpose in this life?

This Tazkiyah retreat aims to help young Muslims achieve these goals.

If you answered yes to the at least three of the questions above then complete
the application today for the weekend you'll never forget!

This Tazkiyah Retreat includes:
- Talks (Featuring: Sh. Amir AbdulMalik Sh. Muhammad Faqih and Arif Hussain)
- Interactive workshops
- Discussions
- Qiyams
- Group learning projects
- Sports and other activities throughout the weekend

Youth applying must be ages 15 and up...
Space is limited: Must submit application by Feb 15th.

For more information visit:

Any Questions?
E-mail: Br. Aatif
Sr. Yasmin

Why am I so disturbed by an ad for Muslim Youth Retreat? Take a look at the speakers that will be attending: Shaikh Muhammad Faqih, Amir Abdel Malik, and Arif Hussain.

Shaikh Muhammed Faqih is an instructor at the Al Maghrib Institute. According to his bio, Faqih "completed a B.A. in Islamic Studies from the Institute of Islamic and Arabic Sciences (IIAS) in America in Fairfax, VA, and graduated in Quran Memorization and Recitation from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia." Notice that Faqih doesn't list the name of the school he attended in Jeddah. Maybe that's because the school was King Abdulaziz University, the same school where Osama studied the Quran to justify his Jihad against the atheist Soviets and then the West.

Some, if not all of his teachers in Jeddah would have been Muslim Brotherhood members and all were the strictest of Wahabis - you know, those scary Muslims that our government and the media keep telling us only make up a small minority in the Muslim World...Well guess what, those scary Wahabis are here, in Wisconsin and they are the role models that our Muslim Children turn to for guidance.

While we're on the subject of schools, perhaps I should mention that the IIAS in Virginia wasn't exactly the type of college that encourages the free exchange of ideas. The Saudi government used the institution to distribute anti-American hate literature in the US. Women at the IIAS had to enter through separate back doors, were forced to attend classes through closed circuit television, and were only granted 4 hours a week of library time. I can understand that last bit. It just wouldn't do to have a bunch of Muslim harlots tempting and distracting the future Imams of America while they try to study their holy book and Hadith.

As for Faqih's current employer, the Al Maghrib institute...well its basic missions are to spread rabid Wahabism, hate against Jews, Holocaust denial, and anti-Americanism. Check out this article from FrontPage Magazine for details.

Amir Abdel Malik is a frequent guest lecturer at MSA events on college campuses across the country. Malik made headlines a couple of years ago with this hate filled speech on the University of California - Irvine but his hate for America and Jews runs much deeper. credits Malik with the following statements:
Palestinian mothers are supporting their children who are suicide bombers, saying, 'Go honey, go!' That ain't suicide; that's martyrdom.

The Israelis were 'in-control' of 9-11, (which) was staged to give an excuse to wage war against Muslims around the world.

Sooner or later, today's Muslim students will be the parents of Muslim children. And they should be militants.

The enemies of Islam know that when we come back to power we're gonna check 'em.

In the Speech I linked to above, Malik says the following:
And we have to sacrifice too, while we live here ... in Am-ri-ka. The belly of the beast. The number one imperialist in the world...

But ... let’s call it a state, OK? And then you gonna go get some Uncle Tom Palestinian leaders to fall for this okey-doke. Two-state solution is off the table. No. One state. And check this out! One state ... majority rules. One state ... majority rules.

Us. The Muslims.

Is this the kind of guy we want teaching our Muslim children about their faith?

Arif Hussain is a Chicago based Wahabist. If he is a radical Jihadist, he has flown under the radar thus far so I can't comment much on him. He did sign the now infamous fatwa denouncing Islamic terrorism after the London Bombings, however, that's not necessarily an indication of much. Many of the American Imams who signed that fatwa have since been connected to terrorist organizations or caught on tape advocating terror against Americans and Jews.

I did some digging on some Muslim chat sites and found a few other names of speakers who will be attending this weekend's retreat.

One of them is Yasmin Mogahed, a local Muslim female graduate student. I first noticed Mogahed's name during the Danish cartoon scandal. She was vocal about her opposition to the First Amendment, strongly opposing the publication of the cartoons.

Mogahed's other work seems focus on defending Muslim misogyny. Muslim Feminist Ginan Rauf calls Mogahed's writing, "a thinly disguised assault on women’s equality and a blatant misrepresentation of Western Feminism." Well gee, I sure am glad that Mogahed will be at the retreat to teach cheese head Muslim girls to submit themselves to their men. With all the feminist mumbo-jumbo in Madison I think it's just great to finally inject a little balance.
One final speaker will be Aatif Abdul-Qadeer. Abdul-Qadeer was president of the Muslim Student Union at UC Irvine back in 2004 when it was in the news for anti-American, pro-terror rallies.

So basically, we have here a legion of radical wahabists coming to Wisconsin to teach Muslim children about their faith. These Muslims are not members of the so-called "Moderate Muslim Majority" we hear about so often from President Bush and the media. These Muslims are members of a sect who have hi-jacked the faith and who seek to restore it to a hardline 7th century version - a version in which Women must fully submit to their husbands, a version where Jews and Christians must convert, live as Dhimmis, or die, a version where Apostates, Polytheists, and Gays must be slaughtered.

If there is a form of Islam that is compatible with Western values, this is not it. Sadly, as you can see from those who are leading this retreat, the hardline Wahabis are running the show these days. They are the Imams in the mosques, the professors in our schools, and the roll models for Muslim Children at retreats like this one. Did I mention that the retreat is sponsored by the largest Muslim Center in Wisconsin and that it is being advertised on a state website, payed for with state dollars?

Saturday, February 3, 2007

St. Louis Jihad

Does a Muslim man purchasing claymore mines, automatic weapons, and grenades to wage war in a Midwestern city qualify as a news story?

Apparently not since this story has been floating around the net since yesterday morning and still hasn’t been picked up by the AP or any major news sources that I’ve seen.

I have to hand it to law enforcement though. This is the second serious Jihadist in as many months to be apprehended in America’s heartland.
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