Sunday, March 4, 2007

Julio Pino Web Archives

MarkedManner has some great updates on Professor Pino's Jihad. He includes this link to archives of Pino's site.

This is an example of of the images glorified on Pino's site.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Pino's website is down

Well, it took several days but it appears that Professor Pino has wised up. His website: now redirects to This morning I was still able to read his filth but I cannot find it now. I sure hope some blogger out there saved some screen shots or at least the text of his articles. I now wish I had.

Kaplan vs. Pino

Ann Althouse has as usual done a fine job covering the Leonard Kaplan Hmong Comments Story. Take this post. In Kaplan's case, the main stream media was quick to find fault with him for discussing stereotypes about Hmong immigrants in one of his classes even though the accusation against Kaplan had come from a student who hadn't even been in his class that day.

Compare the media's coverage of Kaplan to its coverage of Julio Pino. According to Mike Adams, Pino runs a website devoted to Sunni jihad. On his website, Pino promotes Al Qaeda, praises the murder of Shiite children, displays a photo of one of the 9-11 hijackers as if he were some kind of hero, and so much more. Thus far, the media has been shy about this story. Fox News has managed to touch on the story a bit during breaks between Anna Nicole stories but other wise a few articles like this from the Cleveland Plain Dealer are all we see.

So what have I learned from this comparison?

As far as our taxpayer supported Universities are concerned:

* Open discussion of stereotypes in our society = Verboten

* Encouraging Muslims to kill Americans = Protected Academic Freedom

Friday, March 2, 2007

Police stop Druze Honor Killing

This is interesting. A Druze girl wants to participate in a beauty pageant. Her relatives feel that they must kill her to stop her because doing so would bring dishonor on the family.

My question is, had this honor killing taken place, would it have counted as an honor killing by Muslims or would it count as one of those honor killings that we hear about from the left, the ones carried out frequently by other religions? The Druze consider themselves Muslim, however, most other Muslims do not agree, particularly when they take into account Druze support for the pig and monkey state of Israel.

Minnesotastan Update

Somali cab drivers are refusing to obey secular law.

Muslim workers are suing for the right to break 5 times a day on the company's dime.

Kent State's Jihad

If you haven't read up on Julio Pino yet, please do so: here.

...and of course, you'll want to look at Julio's blog.

Two things that I find interesting about his post that I haven't seen mentioned yet:

1. The fact that he shows such glee at the death of Shia women and children (I know that Wahabis consider the Shia to be polytheists and worthy of death but they're usually more tactful, at least in the west, about expressing that).

2. He's still posting! When I first read through his blog on Tuesday, I would have bet money that he would take his blog down within a couple of hours. He hasn't, in fact he seems to be using this as an opportunity to bring more attention to his goals of killing Americans, Shia, Jews, puppy dogs, muppets, ice cream men etc... (Ok, I made up those last three but still, this guy seems to really like seeing innocent people killed).

Looks like we've got another Ward Barrett on our hands who will milk this publicity for all it's worth, probably get suspended form teaching, with full pay, sue the University and make a bundle.
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