Monday, December 4, 2006


I begin this blog in large part because most of my friends and family have grown quite exhausted with daily discussion of my foremost intellectual preoccupation - Islam. Who can blame them? It is not a happy subject. A forthright discussion of modern Islam is necessarily grim, oft disturbing, and if it is to be honest, manifestly un-PC.

In my community of Madison, Wisconsin, political correctness is the orthodoxy de jour. If one is heard uttering words like Muslim, Koran, or Jihad aloud in the wrong coffee house or watering hole, they will often be met with a glare of shock or a stern frown. In fact any public discourse focusing critically on Islam, or any religion save Christianity for that matter, is strictly taboo.

Although political correctness is thankfully not a virtue to be found amongst most of my friends, many of them would rather not look boorish to the 22 year-old co-ed in the Che Guevara t-shirt and Dolce sunglasses who might be eaves dropping from a near by bar stool. Furthermore, I am beginning to believe that most of my circle of friends and colleagues find depthful discussion of Islam unanimated or even boring. As hard as it is for me to imagine, I must come to accept the empirical evidence around me. Eyes glaze long before lips touch their fourth Johnny Walker when I begin using words like Hadith or Dhimmitude in lively political discussions.

So for the sake of my friends I turn to the internet to bounce my ideas about Islam off of… well, myself, and to occasionally, or perhaps frequently, vent.

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