Friday, March 2, 2007

Kent State's Jihad

If you haven't read up on Julio Pino yet, please do so: here.

...and of course, you'll want to look at Julio's blog.

Two things that I find interesting about his post that I haven't seen mentioned yet:

1. The fact that he shows such glee at the death of Shia women and children (I know that Wahabis consider the Shia to be polytheists and worthy of death but they're usually more tactful, at least in the west, about expressing that).

2. He's still posting! When I first read through his blog on Tuesday, I would have bet money that he would take his blog down within a couple of hours. He hasn't, in fact he seems to be using this as an opportunity to bring more attention to his goals of killing Americans, Shia, Jews, puppy dogs, muppets, ice cream men etc... (Ok, I made up those last three but still, this guy seems to really like seeing innocent people killed).

Looks like we've got another Ward Barrett on our hands who will milk this publicity for all it's worth, probably get suspended form teaching, with full pay, sue the University and make a bundle.
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