Saturday, March 3, 2007

Kaplan vs. Pino

Ann Althouse has as usual done a fine job covering the Leonard Kaplan Hmong Comments Story. Take this post. In Kaplan's case, the main stream media was quick to find fault with him for discussing stereotypes about Hmong immigrants in one of his classes even though the accusation against Kaplan had come from a student who hadn't even been in his class that day.

Compare the media's coverage of Kaplan to its coverage of Julio Pino. According to Mike Adams, Pino runs a website devoted to Sunni jihad. On his website, Pino promotes Al Qaeda, praises the murder of Shiite children, displays a photo of one of the 9-11 hijackers as if he were some kind of hero, and so much more. Thus far, the media has been shy about this story. Fox News has managed to touch on the story a bit during breaks between Anna Nicole stories but other wise a few articles like this from the Cleveland Plain Dealer are all we see.

So what have I learned from this comparison?

As far as our taxpayer supported Universities are concerned:

* Open discussion of stereotypes in our society = Verboten

* Encouraging Muslims to kill Americans = Protected Academic Freedom

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