Tuesday, September 11, 2007


This is what the "moderate" Muslims at the Islamic Thinkers Society have to say today. HT: Atlas

Six pipelines were destroyed in Mexico simultaneously while a truck bomb killed at least 37.

The Muslim Student Association, the group that founded a couple of organizations that went on to become un-indicted co-conspirators in terrorist funding, has been posting videos on YouTube. In these videos, one of its leaders harasses women and Jews with glee. See here.

Urban Infidel showed us what the Muslim Day Parade in New York was all about.

Meanwhile, countless protesters in Brussels were arrested for showing their solidarity with America on this day, while 9-11 troofers were alloud to march in peace. See Gates of Vienna for details.

On this day in 1683, Jan Sobieski III arrived in Vienna. The following morning at 4:00 AM Sobieski lead his Hussars into the Turkish horde crushing them, thus preventing Islam from exterminating the west.

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