Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mark Your Calendars

Two world renowned Islamic scholars will be speaking in Madison over the coming months.

Dr. Jeffrey Lang will be lecturing at 2650 Humanities on the UW Campus on February 15th, and will be leading a student workshop the following day. Lang is a mathematics professor and American convert to Islam most known for his three books on the American Muslim experience.

Reza Aslan will be speaking on March 25th as part of the UW's distinguished lecture series. Aslan, an American of Persian decent, hails from the University of California-Santa Barbara where he writes novels, screen plays, and countless articles aimed at liberalizing Islam and convincing westerners that true Islam is a peaceful, democratic, and kind faith that has been hijacked by backward tribalism. Aslan is most well known for his bestselling book, No god but God: The Origins, Evolution, and Future of Islam.

As the dates of these events approach, I will share more details as well as my thoughts about the two authors.

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R. Knapp said...

Should I feel bad that no one is really leaving comments except for me and two other people? You should come to these events. They will be interesting and will give you something to blog about that you have...wait for it... actually experienced instead of reading about them in student newspapers and then writing. Where is your mention of Horowitz coming to campus? That was in the papers for weeks at UW. You should look in the paper's archives.

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