Friday, November 30, 2007

How does Bush expect peace if they won't even shake hands?

I chuckled at stories earlier this week about the Arabs at Annapolis refusing to shake hands with the dirty Jews. This story, however, is more disturbing than funny.

Not only are the Muslims at the conference refusing to shake the hands of Jews, they are demanding a separate entrance to the conference. What's next seperate drinking fountains, swimming pools, the front of the bus? I know that this is shocking to Saudis but in America Jews are considered equal and I'm not talking about equal to apes and pigs. The Bush administration has created a little slice of apartheid right here on American soil. Republicans should be ashamed of their leaders. I know I am.

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ADAM JAMES said...

They should shake the hands. Fair enough. For point of reference though, that's a common occurence and something Israelis have refused to do as well. Its a not an anti-Semite thing.

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