Friday, November 30, 2007

Gays need a lesson in Empiricism

The Dutch are commissioning a study to determine why Moroccan men are beating the piss out of gay men all over Amsterdam. I am familiar with this problem from reading Bruce Bawer's work. In his must read treatise on the Islamisation of Europe, the homo-sexual Bawer relays story after story of Muslim homophobia and anti-gay rage in Europe. Particularly telling is a description of how gay men and women in Amsterdam, formerly the world's most gay tolerant city, must now refrain from holding hands for fear of being attacked by Muslims.

Twenty five years ago when homosexuality was still quite taboo in much of the western world Amsterdam was a haven for gay men. It was one of the few cities in the world where they could hold hands. Thanks to Islam, the freedom and safety that homosexuals in Amsterdam felt is rapidly disappearing.

Gays in America are quick to bash the slightest amount of homophobia coming from Christians. When will they wake up to the greater religious threat to their way of life?

Robert Spencer comments more on this issue at Dhimmi Watch.

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